Life is beautiful. RTL 4

Located on one of the most scenic spots along the Dutch coast, tucked away in the Katwijk dunes, are 10 quaint, fully furnished beach bungalows. The accommodations are situated right on the beach, and offer an imposing view of the North Sea. Imagine having breakfast on an empty beach with the sounds of the waves caressing the shore surrounding you. Relax in the morning with your children running and playing in the sand, searching for shells along the shore line, or running through the surf with nets, in search of small fish. It is the ultimate setting and opportunity for you and your family to enjoy an unforgettable vacation by the sea. Whether you like talking long walks on the beach or relaxing in the sun, the wonderful bungalows from Willy Noord have something to offer everybody.

At Willy Noord, you are always welcome to come and stay. We have a number of options available, so there never is a bad time to take that much needed break.
- a week (friday, 15:00 check-in till friday, 10:00 check-out);
- a midweek (monday, 15:00 check-in till friday, 10:00 check-out);
- a weekend (friday, 15:00 check-in till Monday, 10:00 check-out);
  * During the Peak Season, Bungalows are only available on a weekly rate.

We hope to see out soon in a Willy Noord Beach Bungalow!